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((oops, shouldn’t have answered that question ): i’ll do fem!yukio after a few of these other questions ok ok

gosh darn it i am keeping up with the manga but not the anime ): ))

Anonymous: Ты фапаешь на Рина?!О_О

I’m very sorry sir, you have the wrong number.

((ooc: sup fools lol jk hi guys!! i totally did not just die about three weeks ago 8)) hope you call forgive me cause i’m back with my sometimes ooc answers orz anyway i have 10 questions left in my askbox and yea i am just not feeling some of them right now, but i will answer them i promise!!

so i’ll just open the ask again and idk maybe leave it open for a while, but keep in mind if i do that i won’t be answering questions in order!! also if they’re just simple “hi”s or really ridiculous questions the chances are they will either be deleted or unanswered )8 you can’t really answer those! and also questions about ~love interests/relationships are a no-no too!

with an ask yukio blog, there are obviously going to rules and restrictions, ya know
also jsyk i am like /really/ behind in the anime so any questions about that will be answered when i catch up eventually orz)) 

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